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Women Self Defence

Our goal at Krav Maga Maleh is to help people build self-confidence.

Women Self Defence At Its Best

Women safety has always been a topic of concern since times immemorial. This is why Krav Maga Toronto brings to you a course of Women Self Defence techniques. This is all about incorporating enough strength, knowledge and power so that the women can defend themselves in any sort of situation.

Well, the Women Self Defence does not end here with the Martial Arts only. We also provide you with a physical fitness regime. The self defence skills, core fitness and cardio raining will pump up your workout in no time. Unlike gyms, you will find peace, discipline and a great deal of energy in our classes.

Women Self Defence Strategies to Defend Yourself No Matter What

Keeping the real life scenarios in mind, we target the weak areas of the attacker’s body. This will weaken them enough for you to execute your next move.

The Two Most Important Facts To Keep in Mind Include:

  • Powerful Strikes to Impose in Difficult Situations
  • Getting your Aggression Out in a correct manner

Well, with all these moves, you will be strong, fit and safe too. Women have always been categorized as the weaker sections of our society. So, here we are intending to break all such non-sensible norms. Thus, our trainers will teach you such strong and clever Martial Arts moves to help you stimulate your physical strength.

Get in Shape at Krav Maga Toronto

Whether you want to learn Women Self Defence just want to get in proper shape, Krav Maga is the primary destination for you. The fitness program will last for about 35 minutes approximately. It consists of stretching, toning, fat burning, kickboxing, cardio and loosening the joints. So, we have a full fledged strategy to get you in a proper shape.

Then we have the self defence technique programs. This includes the practicing of various self defence techniques and moves. There are various forms of martial arts too. Moreover, we have regular classes and separate classes for only the women. So, you can attend either of the classes.

Why Krav Maga Toronto?

At Krav Maga Toronto, we have the right tools and process to help you learn self defence and gain physical fitness. Most importantly, we have the perfect ambience that will help you focus. You will not have to overdo it. Our trainers will help you get through the programs and techniques.


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