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Women Self Defence

Our goal at Krav Maga Maleh is to help people build self-confidence.

Women Self Defence At Its Best

Women safety is always in our minds. Now you can learn it too! At Krav Maga Maleh in Toronto we bring you a course designed especially for Women Self Defense. In this course we incorporate strength, knowledge and power so that any woman can defend herself in any sort of situation.

Women Self Defense does not stop here!Our class also includes a fitness component where you will be able to not only learn self defense, but get in shape as well. The self defense routine, core fitness, and cardio training will pump up your workout in no time. In our classes, you will find peace, discipline and a new form of energy.

Women Self Defense Strategies- Be Ready for Any Situation!

While considering all the different types of situations that can occur, we target the weak areas of the attacker’s body. This will weaken them enough for you to execute your next move.

The Two Most Important Facts To Keep in Mind Include:

  • Natural- using natural or instinctive movements. These are universal movements we can use while being attacked. In our classes we will focus on enhancing those movements and making even more second nature to you!
  • Coverage- minimum movements, against maximum attacks. Being able to use as little movement as you can to address as many attacks as possible.

With our training, you will become stronger, more fit, and be able to defend yourself. Together lets break all societal norms, and prove to everyone that “TimesUp” and that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Get in Shape!

Whether you want to learn Women Self Defense or just want to get in proper shape, KravMagaMaleh in Toronto is the primary destination for you. Our fitness program will last about 30 minutes. It consists of stretching, toning, fat burning, kickboxing, cardio and loosening the joints.

The fitness component is then followed by about 30 minutes of learning new self defense techniques. Warmup and cool down are included as well.

We offer classes for women only, as well as beginner and advanced classes for  both men and women. Feel free to attend any of the classes, or contact us for more information about each of our programs.

Why Krav Maga Toronto?

At Krav Maga Maleh in Toronto, we have the tools and training to help you learn self defense while also improving your physical health and fitness. Most importantly, we have the perfect ambience that will help you focus. Our trainers will help you get through the program, learn the techniques, and advance to the next level in your training.


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