Krav Maga Maleh

Our goal at Krav Maga Maleh is to help women build self-confidence.


Women can choose the regular class or the Women’s Only Class in order to meet your needs and goals.

Warm-up and fitness work out – approx. 35 minutes

Including loosening the joints, cardio & core, kickboxing, fat burning, toning and stretching.

Technique Training – approx. 20 minutes

Including practicing women’s self-defence techniques (women could face different violent situations).

Summary – approx. 5 minutes

Time to ask questions and give updates.


Coming to Krav Maga Maleh classes regularly will give you knowledge, strength and confidence to stop common attacks. We do not play by any rules, just like attackers do not. We target the weak areas of our attacker’s body. The understanding of self defense techniques is good, but by itself it is worthless in a real-life scenario. Training these techniques must be coupled with learning how to get the most power from your strikes and how to find your aggression during difficult situations. Our program’s goal is for you to never be attacked by instilling confidence in you. However, if there is an attack, you will have the right tools and power needed to defend yourself.

Training Krav Maga Maleh provides the physical stimulation and motivation needed to stay in a routine of physical fitness. Unlike signing up for a gym, DVD workouts, or home gym equipment, 99% of our clients come regularly because there are always others to train with. Our creative self defense drills, core fitness and cardio training will keep you interested in our workouts! Some women come to learn tools for self defense, others care about getting into shape. Whether your goal is fitness or self defense, you will achieve both.


Krav Maga Maleh Canada