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What Our Clients Say?

  • Galit B.
  • Ron S.
  • Sergio B.
  • Shahin S.
  • Lourdes V.
Galit B.

Gil is the most amazing Krav Maga instructor you will find in the GTA!! Not only is he very knowledgeable and experienced in the field, but he is a great person too! In his classes, Gil pays attention to each and every student, explaining and demonstrating with patience and enthusiasm. Gil is always there willing to help his students and accommodate them based on their needs. He also offers monthly socials – a great way to bring everyone together and have FUN!

If you’re looking to learn self defense from a pro, lose weight, meet new people and most importantly have fun- Gil’s Krav Maga class is the one for you! You will gain the knowledge and skills required to defend yourself in any situation, while at the same time working out and enhancing your endurance and flexibility.

Ron S.

I have taken Krav Maga for over 3 years with Gil Katz

It keeps me in shape while it gives me the tools to defend myself

Gil Katz is a world recognized Krav Maga instructor not somebody who took the “ 2 weekend instructor course “

Gil is recognized by one of the prominent Krav Maga organizations in Israel

Gil teaches you what you can do for your age and your physical ability , with Gil it is not one size fits all

I learn something new every session , for me that is what keeps it interesting

I really researched schools in Toronto , I  lived in Israel for about 4 years so I  knew what to look for and would recommend Gil Katz without reservation

I am in my 60s but it even works for younger people.

Sergio B.

Last year at 53 years old I joined Krav Maga with my 16 years old son.

Great physical and cardio conditioning, easy to learn self defense, and the program suitable for all ages that may save your life one-day. Gill Katz is a highly skilled instructor.

Shahin S.

Not knowing anything about Krav Maga when I started 8 months ago, Gil’s instructing style was incredible. There was no mercy, but patience and kindness. He instructed the class, becoming the key ingredient to each and everyone’s success. Never once did he sell himself as his movements told the story which yelled out “decades of hard work”. Awesome experience!

Lourdes V.

I decided to learn Krav Maga for my career, and after having Gil as an instructor, I have learned so much. I have tried many other Krav Maga gyms and classes, but Gil’s instructional abilities, great knowledge of Krav Maga and personal training ability push you to reach your potential. Gil’s professionalism kept me coming to his classes. Give Krav Maga a try! You will not be disappointed.