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Self Defense Techniques that best for you

Today there are a lot of martial arts and self-defense techniques. It must be understood that no martial art is better than another, and there is no perfect martial art style. Each style arises from a specific need, so they all have specific objectives.

If your goal is self-defense, there are different techniques in self-defense focused on. Starting from the premise that none is better than another, we will analyze some well-known disciplines.


Foot fights

If we think of a match between two people, we can think of Boxing and Muay Thai. These sports have some self-defense techniques that will give you the tools for the best way to get out of a foot fight. In the case of (mixed martial arts) MMA, you will also learn to defend yourself on the floor.  However, it is better to avoid fights as much as possible but it is also important that you know how to defend yourself in case you have no escape.

Multiple opponents or group fights

Now, what happens if there are more than two people involved in the fight? In that case, there is a self-defense technique that can give great contributions in this field: Keysi Fighting Method (KFM). Obviously, you have to be realistic. No martial artist, no matter how experienced, could get out of a fight against several people without being slightly harmed. You will learn how to defend yourself and attack by covering your vital parts (especially the head). This will give you the opportunity to stand up and escape whenever possible.

Aggressors with white weapons

And what happens if one of the people involved in the fight takes out a knife? When running is the best, you can learn some parkour techniques to have an advantage when it comes to escaping. To learn to defend yourself in a confrontation against a knife, you can train Kali or Silat. These martial arts will help you be prepared for clashes against armed opponents. You will also learn to handle weapons. Since in this case, you have a more powerful weapon.

Firearms attacks

In the event that you are surprised by an armed attacker (either with a knife or firearm), knowing self-defense techniques from Krav Maga will be very useful. In this martial art, you will learn to defend yourself from these types of situations. By the way, you train, you will also learn to control your instincts and fears as much as possible.


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Reasons Why Self Defense for Women is Getting More Popular in the Past Decade

With increasing rates of crimes against women self-defense for women has become mandatory. The attacks that women experience are similar to the ones that are faced by men and to defend against it, there are techniques women could apply for self-defense. These techniques are effective and must be practiced to avoid any mishap in the process.

Why is self-defense for women important?

Suppose you are out late, walking on the streets alone and, carrying bags, with less light to show you the path and suddenly, someone clamps your waist tightly. Do you know what should be done? Resistance required for attacks can be verbal or physical to avoid mishaps and any further injury. Life is precious and to make it more beautiful, staying safe is a top priority.

Are there any rules that must be known?

Some signs warn a person or woman about an assault. Self-defense for women training classes teaches everything right from knowing the vulnerable areas to target during an attack to building confidence in applying those skills to knowing the danger to empower themselves in the world today. Knowing the weak areas of a man is very important to weaken the attacker. Irrespective of the attacker being tough and heavy, this knowledge helps to be on the safer side.

Some of the techniques are noted below that are very effective and simple for self-defense for women:-

  • Hitting the attacker with your head on his nose and making a fist to keep enough distance between the two.
  • Targeting Adam’s apple or between the collarbones with fist or fingers is another way to weaken the attacker as it will make him unable to come to senses easily.
  • Groin kick makes attackers impossible to move. This can be bet applied when the attackers come from the front.
  • Unarmed and armed self-defense for women both is important and one must be aware of principles to make use of them.

A good teacher or coach helps in bringing up a learner to understand each one’s weaknesses and strengths. There are different types of attackers and opponents based on that difference, strategies are developed which must be known. Stopping an attacker before they hit is crucial to avoid severe injuries or assault.


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5 reasons why you should enroll in Krav Maga Training classes today

Krav Maga is a self-defense system created based on street fighting skills of the Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. He used it to defend the Jewish quarter where he lived against the fascist Germany groups of the thirties. The basic principle of krav maga training is to give your opponent as much damage as possible to finish the fight in the shortest possible time.

Here are the reasons :

It will make you someone strong: Nothing increases your confidence and testosterone levels like knowing you’re ready for anything. Very few people have any form of self-defense or fighting training. So when a problem happens and everyone else loses their calm and nerves, you will stay calm. If the situation occurs, you are ready.

It is practical and intuitive: Most martial arts are very ritual based, and as a result, they often incorporate different forms or strange techniques. Krav Maga for beginners is different. Brutal efficiency is the only concern. For this reason, many of the punches and defenses use the same basic movement (for example, the crotch blow and many of the defenses against punches and knives). On the other hand, all techniques are built on the body’s instincts (for example, bringing the hands to the neck to defend strangulation).

It is a great exercise: Between the exercises themselves and the conditioning, a training hell is guaranteed. Three minutes throwing punches or knee punches is exhausting. The same goes for three minutes of burpees. The level 1 Krav test will be the most intense physical event of your life. Three hours followed by blows, kicks, strangulation defenses and basic work, and then finish off with standing and ground fighting against 4 or 5 more students, no kidding. Many consider themselves to be in great shape and almost all of them vomit or get dizzy on many occasions.

Relieves stress: Of course, the same goes for most workouts, but hitting a shield kicking, or throwing your training partner to the ground is a game that is at another level.

It is the perfect hobby: You will reach your first class without any idea of ​​how to throw a suitable punch. After a couple of weeks, you will think that you are John Wick or Jason Bourne. After 6 months you will realize everything you have advanced. Experiencing this progress is very satisfying.

It is obvious that taking Krav Maga and self-defense classes have many benefits.