Krav Maga Maleh
Parents & Kids Program

Those who sweat together, stick together!


Warm Up – approx. 15 minutes

Cardio, core workout, and kickboxing, stretching.

Technique Training – approx. 20 minutes

Focused technique training.

Summary – approx. 5 minutes

Review, discuss, Q&A.

Get In Shape & Learn Self Defense

The Krav Maga Maleh Parents & Kids Program provides a fun environment for both parent and child to experience the world of self-defense. A great opportunity to be physically active together, get in shape, and learn to cooperate together. Our program combines challenging workouts with cool technique training that teaches the importance of patience and self discipline, as well as how these skills can be used to resolve conflict.


Krav Maga Maleh will help you build self-confidence, which is especially helpful for victims of bullying. Our program is based on a philosophy that teaches victims of bullying how to deal with verbal assaults. Our students are also equipped with a set of self defense techniques that they are prepared to use only when necessary. Discipline and patience is at the core of everything we teach.