Planning a birthday party for your child? Let us help you create the best birthday experience, an action- packed NINJA BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Creative, exciting,andunforgettable birthday that includesNinja training, amazing games and competitions, and of course lots of fun!

Our birthday planning team will arrange everything for you, so it will be a stress-free day filled with entertaining and fun activities such as: how to use a Nunchaku, tossing Ninja stars, and much more!

Let the hype of your child’s Ninja Birthday Party begin now! Send your guests our Ninja Birthday Party designed invitations.

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Who we are:

We are a martial arts school that offers Ninja Birthday parties. We provide fun and exciting entertainment for children on their special day. We can host the party at our studio, or come directly to your house or any location of your choice. Our party is educational, safe, mess-free, and so much fun!

What we do:

We design and execute a unique birthday party experience for your child! We specializein Ninja activities for children ages 5-10.

At the start of each Ninja Birthday Party we welcome the guests with a personalized headband. Each child finds out his or hers Ninja name and creates their own ninja character.We then administer a quick warm-up, followed by interactive games, Ninja training, Nunchaku session, and exciting competitions with prizes. At the end of the training and fun games, we will have a birthday ceremony including cake and candles.

Parents are welcome to take photos of these amazing activities and capture these wonderful moments.

Our Mission:

Delight your kids on their special day with creative games, crafts, and training activities. Our business was created with the idea of providing an unforgettable Ninja entertainment for children. Encourage the hero from within each child!

We take pride in our success by specializing in this unique themed party, and thus being the best at what we do.

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Quick Actions

A quick action can help you defend yourself in an unusual manner. So Act Fast!

Sharp Focus

A focused mind is equal to an invincible strength and is enough to save yourself.

Fit Mind in a Fit Body

Fitness is of utmost importance for mind and body as well.

We aim to reach more than 100% client satisfaction!

We believe that by working with each client together, we will create the perfect party filled with fun and many memorable moments.

After the planning part has been completed; we will always be there for you for any questions or concerns.

In addition, we provide parents the opportunity to relax and enjoy these amazing moments with their child.Let us remove all the stress of organizing the party, and help you with the decorations, and the creation of the best party for your child.

  • Please note:

Birthday cakes and candles are not provided.

Waiver and Permission forms must be signed by all parents or guardians prior to the activities.


FB post: Give your child this exciting Martial Arts Themed Ninja Birthday Party and we promise you it will be an unforgettable experience your child will remember for years to come.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

To learn more about our Ninja Birthday Parties email us at  or call us at 647-460-4104.

1-Hour of Ninja Training

  • Creating Headband
  • Ninja Warm-Up
  • Ninja Stealth Training
  • Ninja Star Toss

The Ninja Birthday party begins a unique welcoming of each guest that includes giving out a personalized headband; each child will find out his Ninja name and create his own character – 5 minutes.

for Ninjas about 10 minutes. Freeze tag, dodge ball, colours tag.

Quiet walking training, one child sits with his eyes closed while the rest of the group starts walking quietly from a distance towards him/her. If that child hears some noise he/she points towards that direction and the child who makes the noise/ movement has to start from the beginning of the line – 10 minutes.

children split up into groups. Each child stands 5 to 7 feet from the board and attempts to toss the Ninja stars on a board. The Ninja group with the most, wins. If there is a tie, they compete until there is a winner – 10 minutes.

  • Solving Riddles
  • Basic Nunchaku Training
  • Tuck & Duck

wolf, sheep, and a bunch of straw- not clear what is it?

The child must take the wolf, sheep, and a bunch of straw across the “river”. But the wolf and sheep cannot be left together because the wolf will eat the sheep. Same goes for the sheep and the bunch of straw. How would you get them to the other side?

Children will solve this riddle by crawling from one side of the mat to the other. The first team/ person across wins – 10 minutes

Demonstration of how to use the nunchaku.

Lining up in rows, and giving the Nunchaku to each child.

Explaining safety rules

Moving behind the back 5

Rolling on the hand 5

Rolling and switching hands (if we have time) Up to 15 minutes.

This is a fun game that can also be considered an exercise. Run a string/ rope from one side of the room to the other in different directions and at different heights (using chairs/ tables). The little Ninjas will try to get through the maze of strings by tucking and ducking without touching them or tearing them down – 10 minutes.

Once completing all these challenges, children receive their level of White belt (Master Ninja).

Our Ninja Package includes:

  • Ninja balloons,
  • Interesting and fun activities for at least 1 hour
  • Special T-shirt for the Birthday Child
  • Loot bags
  • Ninja Birthday Party Invitations
  • Cool gifts and surprises

*You will be responsible for a Birthday cake and candles.

Waiver and Permission forms must be signed by all parents or guardians prior to the activities.

Where are we located

Our studio is conveniently located on Bathurst & Eglinton, with easy and quick TTC access from anywhere in the GTA
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