Krav Maga Maleh

Our goal at Krav Maga Maleh is to help people build self-confidence.

Stop Being a Bully

Do you wish to give befitting reply to all those hostiles in school, college and street corners who takes undue advantage of your modesty and good behavior? Do you lack the strength, stamina, and confidence to retaliate back? Well, if you find yourself in a similar situation and wish to turn things around we can help.  Don’t be a meek victim of bullying. At Krav Magha Maleh we have helped hundred of clients like you to develop their physical fitness and learn effective self-defense technique to thwart any kind of aggression from armed or non-armed assailant.

Who are we?

Krav Maga Maleh is the next generation of Israeli martial arts. It is also one of the most authentic and largest streams of Krav Maga in Israel. Just like many other important technologies, it has undergone significant improvements. Attacks have changed over time, so our defense must also change as well. Krav Maga Maleh is a “living system”. Our defenses are constantly being evaluated and changed as needed by our Israeli Chief Instructor. Through real life experiences, Krav Maga Maleh techniques have become simpler, more instinctive, faster, and stronger than ever before.

Benefits of Krav Maga

  • Self Defense – This is the primary reason you should learn this art. It is undeniable that violence exists everywhere. Our team of trainers will help you learn the skills and techniques that will allow you to defend yourself no matter what situation you find yourself. Since violent situations can occur to any person of any age, the techniques we teach are suitable for all ages. You will not only learn and practice the techniques, but you will also regain your stamina and increase your energy levels.
  • Confidence – Mental strength is another benefit you gain from Martial Arts. Once you know and see your physical strength improve every week, you also develop a stronger mental ability. This will help you lead a better life. In fact, it will help you gain a peace of mind knowing you can protect yourself.
  • Awareness and Focus – In today’s life, when everyone has a busy schedule, it is important to develop a level of concentration and awareness wherever you go. With our training, you will gain discipline and the proper tactics to deal with any situation. This one quality will help you navigate your way through your life.
  • Reduce Stress – We understand that anyone can experience a great deal of stress at any point in life. Whether you experience stress from work, or outside work, training in Martial Arts, will reduce your stress levels and allow you to feel rejuvenated in no time.

Why Choose Us?

At Krav Maga Maleh in Toronto, we have the tools and training to help you learn self-defense while also improving your physical health and fitness. Most importantly, we have the perfect ambience that will help you focus. Our trainers will help you get through the program, learn the techniques, and advance to the next level in your training.


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